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Reduce HR and payroll administration by up to 80%.
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Increase accuracy.
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Ensure process compliance.
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Increase employee engagement.
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Go digital in minutes, save hours every day

Create your own forms with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form creator, or have Affinity create personalised forms for you.

Convert PDF and paper forms to digital online forms with little effort.

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Capture and approve any process online

Use automated workflows to ensure data and requests get to the right people. Stay in control of form contents, layout and workflow. Choose who uses which forms. Produce multiple versions of the same form for different groups and locations. Control who can view, edit and approve forms.

Agreements and contracts are truly paperless

Manage contracts and agreements using electronic document creation and sign-off. Set up templates, capture details with an online form, then send out for signature. Easily track signature status. Quickly retrieve, view and share signed contracts and agreements.

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Tracking employee information

Reduce HR and manager effort

Data is validated as it is completed — bank accounts, addresses, position data, custom fields — so information is always accurate. Control what is completed, when and by whom.

Information is collected electronically from the right people. Nothing critical is missed. Eliminate double-handling. No more spreadsheets tracking employee information.

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Control and access

All forms are accessible in one place.

Complete forms on mobile, tablet or laptop —  anytime. Track current forms, view historic forms, or analyse form usage across the organisation. View detailed form workflow history to see when it started, who updated it, and who approved it.

Processes are completed accurately and on time.

Features and benefits

Affinity Features Benefits Value
Payroll efficiency icon Create and capture custom fields. Set validation and look up values. No duplication, maintain everything in one system and rework. Up to 80% reduction

in HR and payroll administration time

Payroll efficiency icon Drag and drop a wide range of field types. Link to documents, other websites embed videos and use draw panels with overlays. Improve efficiency across all processes for data capture and approval.
Payroll efficiency icon Create custom workflows. Route forms for single or multiple approvals to managers, positions or departments. Ensure transactions and decisions are appropriately approved.
Payroll efficiency icon Date effective forms mean appropriate date of change. Future or back-dated. Automates calculations.  Ensures accurate history. Increase accuracy

to ensure process compliance

Payroll efficiency icon Capture electronic signatures on forms, documents, contracts and agreements. No more manual effort, printing, scanning, signing, or re-keying.
Payroll efficiency icon Automatic secure document management for documents and agreements generated or attached to forms. All documents are stored, secured and available as appropriate at any time. Increase engagement

to become an employer of choice

Payroll efficiency icon Unlimited forms and workflows. Control who sees, completes and approves. Don’t be limited by system capability.
Payroll efficiency icon Copy and deploy different versions of forms to different groups of employees to meet specific needs. Improve communication, convenience and user experience.

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