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Why partner with Affinity?

We’ve been working with Australian and New Zealand mid-market and enterprise businesses for over thirty-five years, helping them to transform their payroll from a cost to an asset. Affinity’s real-time and event-driven payroll software meets complex Australian and New Zealand legislative requirements to help businesses achieve automation, efficiency, and compliance. 

Our technology is backed by a team of industry experts who administer all aspects of payroll, including calculating and processing employee salaries, handling tax and superannuation obligations, and providing support for all payroll queries. 


  • Receive a referral bonus or pass on a referral discount for any successful Affinity sale. 
  • Assist your customers in finding a payroll solution that is tailored to meet their needs. 
  • Grow your business without having to manage or close sales. 


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2. Recommend

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4. Earn

Once the sale is complete you will earn a referral bonus. 

Who is this programme for?

The programme provides HR consultants, accountants, financial advisors and business advisors with an opportunity to create an additional revenue stream. Once you provide the lead to us, we take care of the rest with our team undertaking the negotiation and closing the sale. To be eligible for a referral bonus, the lead must not already be engaged with Affinity and cannot have been provided by you to a competing vendor. 

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