How we work

We challenge your current state, define best practice then implement a solution. You get payroll that’s designed for your business.

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Your partner in payroll

Want efficient, compliant payroll that’s cost-effective and low risk? We can get you there. Our years of experience, combined with innovative technology and a fantastic team, let you get on with the business of being in business. 

Our process

1. Analyse

We deep-dive into the current state by auditing your processes to expose problems and opportunities. This both reveals hidden problems and informs best practice design.

2. Design

We’ll provide a best-practice design and collaborate on a solution that’s tailored to meet your needs.

3. Deliver

Systems are configured, processes are embedded and teams are trained to deliver an efficient, accurate and compliant solution.

Affinity's implementation process


Detailed scoping is undertaken by our team to understand what interfaces and integrations are required, the direction of data flow and the makeup of the data files themselves. We take a phased approach that has a strong emphasis on getting to know you and your business. This allows us to not only implement the new payroll offering but identify, resolve and mitigate any risks that might exist.

Some providers take a lift and shift approach to payroll implementation which doesn’t address or resolve core issues that may persist in your new process. We analyse your current pay process and optimise it to make sure it complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Seamless payroll transition

Your payroll is in safe hands when you move to Affinity. We make things simple, minimise disruption, and ensure compliance.

Automation is a key focus during implementation. Our team will assist with secure collection of data, transforming it to match the Affinity database structure. We’ll also assess your current systems and processes so they come together in a way that ensures simplified, cohesive data management moving forward.

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Our payroll managers and support desk provide quality customer service. Leveraging off years of combined expertise, they support you through legislative changes and related system and process updates.

With a presence in Australia and New Zealand, our experts understand the payroll challenges and requirements in both regions.

We build strong relationships with managers and employees. Anyone in your organisation can come to us for guidance. You can rely on us for sound advice and support.

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Keeping systems and processes up to date is part of our payroll outsourcing service. We do this by monitoring change, assessing the impact, and putting in place controls to maintain compliance. 

When it comes to assurance, we’ll work with your chosen auditors or manage the audit process for you.

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