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The dashboard is the hub of our self-service platform. With configurable panels of information, links to other systems and an action centre that tells your people what they need to do, the dashboard is the single point of entry to your entire business operation. 

Leave management

Managing personal and team leave has never been easier. Clear descriptions of leave balances and availability reduce support enquiries and boost confidence. Self-management is enhanced with access to leave projections that show what’s available in the future. Managers can view leave calendars that provide a quick view of team availability. 

Affinity Self Service Leave

Interactive payslips

Our interactive payslips provide a detailed way to view pay information with access available at any time and on any device. Users can drill down to see additional details, with the ability to view trends and analyse pay components.  

With interactive payslips, employees have more access, visibility and control over their pay, reducing the amount of enquiries and support required to understand variations. 

Affinity Self Service Interactive Payslips
Man updating his personal details in Affinity Self Service

Personal details

Employees can update their details, without having to request a change from someone else in the organisation. Self-service provides a quick and simple way to manage contact information, next of kin and banking details. 

Help and support

Help is just a click away. Users can view comprehensive help documentation online, or they can contact the payroll team directly with specific enquiries all through the self-service portal. 

Two support team members answering a payroll enquiry

Delegating and sharing

Managers have a simple way to delegate or share the approval of transactions or requests. When a manager is unable to approve requests themselves, they can share or delegate an alternative approver for a chosen period of time. 

Affinity Self Service delegating and sharing

Staff search 

With staff search, you can quickly find business contact details for anyone in the organisation and view their direct or indirect reports. This feature also allows full control over the level of staff information that managers can see. 

Group of staff working in an office

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