Workforce management

Set your team’s schedules, interpret their time and manage their costs.

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A truly integrated solution

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Greater control over your greatest asset.
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Cut down on manager and admin time.
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Reduce labour costs.
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Ensure accuracy and compliance.
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Optimise teams for cost and productivity

Use repeat schedules for teams and individuals. Add flexible schedules to manage exceptions and variability.

Easily view and manage exceptions, leave and employee availability. Get full oversight of daily, weekly and fortnightly schedules to ensure coverage and analysis of productivity and costs. Publish schedules and notify changes to published schedules.

Fully integrated with payroll, timesheets, leave and award interpretation.


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Advanced online timesheeting

Capture time online — enter manually or manage timesheets from clocks, schedules or other systems.

Customise timesheet views for different employee groups. Manage by exception with customised alerts and warnings. Auto-approve timesheets that match schedules or use multi-level workflow.

Utilise up to 12 interrelated cost dimensions to simultaneously record time against positions, jobs, projects, tasks, customers, locations, products and more.

Integrations with payroll, leave, scheduling, award interpretation and costing.

Award interpretation (T&A)

Automate the calculation of any payment

Rules-based to ensure all payments can be automated.

Daily, weekly, monthly and period-based interpretation. Multi-position and change of roles for part or whole shifts can vary payments appropriately.

Accuracy assured thanks to integrated scheduling, costing, leave, timesheets and payroll.

Award Interpretation (T&A)

Real-time labour costing

Real-Time Labour Costing

Reduce labour costs by up to 10%

Empower managers to optimise their teams.

View accurate labour costs while drafting or planning schedules. View and compare budgets, and then to actual labour costs as schedules are worked. Compare budgeted and actual costs to productivity measures (sales, volume, output).

Seamless integration with timesheets, schedules, award interpretation, leave and payroll to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Features and benefits

Features Benefits Value
Payroll efficiency icon Schedules Create and publish schedules to individual staff and teams. Easily manage changes and exceptions. Apply variations without recreating the entire roster. Up to 80% reduction

in admin, reporting and management time

View availability and coverage across teams. Integrated with leave, time and cost management. Save manager, employee and admin time. Improve accuracy. No need to wait for payroll processing.
Payroll efficiency icon Timesheets Capture times via clocks, interfaces or direct entry online. Compare to schedules and auto-approve if matching. Save manager time, improve accuracy and minimise errors. Reduce stress through managing by exception.
Configurable timesheet views across days, weeks and pay periods. Integrate with payroll, leave and cost management. Easy management of the pay period.
View exceptions across different periods.
Manage the future

Learn from the past


Payroll efficiency icon Award Interpretation Award interpretation for any work condition. Daily, weekly and pay period calculations. View interpretations prior to approval. Changes update interpretations live.
Integrated with payroll, timesheets, schedules and cost management. Ensure accuracy and visibility for everyone.
Payroll efficiency icon Real-Time Labour Costs View accurate employee costs for any period using a schedule or a roster in advance or for previous periods. Accurate payroll data right down
to the shift, as it happens or as it’s
planned, not after payroll processing.
Up to 10% reduction

in labour costs

Compare actual costs to schedules, budgets and sales data as they occur. Real-time data means accurate costing.

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