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We live and breathe payroll so you don’t have to

We’ve been partnering with Australian and New Zealand organisations for over thirty years, helping them to transform their payroll from a cost to an asset. 

Affinity’s outsourced payroll services give you access to a team of accredited and highly skilled industry experts who administer all payroll-related tasks. In short, the Affinity team becomes your payroll department. Our people collaborate with your organisation to develop a localised solution that’s tailored to meet your needs, implementing a best-practice design for your payroll process. 

Our payroll services

Affinity takes care of payroll operations for medium and large organisations. We manage everything from processing pays, to superannuation clearing, to award management. Our team provides you with superior payroll support and services including: 

  • Managing all employee and manager queries. 
  • Inputting all payroll data and managing any amendments. 
  • Calculating back pays and adjustments. 
  • Checking payroll output for accuracy and verifying accordingly. 
  • Unifying employee data through integration with HR, T&A and BI systems. 
  • Preparing and submitting electronic tax files. 
  • Keeping systems and processes up to date. 

Everything you need, all in one place

Our advanced technology delivers employee self-service and manager dashboards, while our team of payroll experts provides both a support desk and direct support to staff. Affinity’s managed payroll services help organisations cope with the complex demands of today’s digital world.

How We Work
Affinity Payroll's fully managed service

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Finding qualified payroll staff is harder than ever before. Affinity’s team of payroll experts are trained professionals with years of experience. 

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We work with you to design processes that optimise your business, increase efficiency, reduce risk and support accuracy. 

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Our systems interpret payment rules and bring your disparate systems together, ensuring best practice across the wider business. 

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Accurate payments and compliance are only possible when people, process and technology work together. We make it happen. 

Employee and manager support

We know that the easiest path to addressing payroll queries is to connect employees with someone who intimately knows your company. We offer full support for all payroll enquiries through our dedicated Customer Hub. 

Employee and managed support options

Innovative technology

We’ve spent years building specialised payroll and self-service applications with a focus on automation. Our technology and fully managed payroll outsourcing service deliver a solution that takes care of the whole payroll operation. You get increased efficiency, reduced risk and lower operating costs. 

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What customers say about our payroll services.


What should I consider when outsourcing payroll? 

Find a payroll provider you can trust. Ensure they have the people, processes and technology to pay your staff accurately and on time. 

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When is the best time for a business to outsource payroll? 

If payroll is taking up too much time, you can’t find qualified people and accuracy is questionable, now is the time to outsource. 

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Is outsourcing payroll to a provider cost-effective? 

With the right payroll provider, yes. You’ll reduce reliance on people, gain back time and lower the risk of over or underpaying staff. 

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