Supported payroll

Provide bench-strength to your existing payroll team by partnering with Affinity’s payroll experts. 

Unlocking payroll potential, together

Unlock the power of market-leading payroll technology and elevate your payroll management to new heights with our supported payroll service. We understand that running payroll can be a complex and time-consuming task. That’s why we offer comprehensive payroll solutions designed to streamline your processes, increase accuracy, and free up your internal resources.

Our payroll services

If you prefer to maintain control over your payroll operations but need additional support, our supported payroll solution is the perfect fit. Our team will work seamlessly with your internal payroll staff, offering expertise and guidance along with access to the following support services:

  • System administration and configuration. 
  • STP and Payday filing, bank file submission, tax year end, and standard reporting.
  • Customisation of interfaces and integrations with other business systems.
  • Self-service, reporting and scheduled-notifications-system training for administrators and managers.

The smarter way to manage pay

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Finding qualified payroll staff is harder than ever before. Affinity’s team of payroll experts are trained professionals with years of experience. 

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We work with you to design processes that optimise your business, increase efficiency, reduce risk and support accuracy. 

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Our systems interpret payment rules and bring your disparate systems together, ensuring best practice across the wider business. 

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Accurate payments and compliance are only possible when people, process and technology work together. We make it happen. 

Innovative technology

We’ve spent years building specialised payroll and self-service applications with a focus on automation. Our technology and fully managed payroll outsourcing service deliver a solution that takes care of the whole payroll operation. You get increased efficiency, reduced risk and lower operating costs. 

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