Pay on Demand

Employees can access the money they’ve earned when they need it.

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Secure, automated on-demand pay

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Be an employer of choice, get ahead of competitors.
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Help employees with cashflow and avoid pay day loans.
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No interest, no credit contract, small admin fee.
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No cost to employers or impact on cashflow.
Secure automated on demand pay

Why you’ll love Affinity Pay on Demand

Why you'll love Affinity Pay on Demand

Straightforward and easy to use

Affinity Pay on Demand gives employees an easy way to access money they’ve already earned in the pay period. The service is accessed direct from the self-service portal using a user-friendly app. Employees are charged a small admin fee, Affinity funds the advance, and the payment is deducted from the employee’s next pay.

Fast and secure Pay on Demand

Fast and secure

Get up and running with Affinity Pay on Demand in no time. The service is enabled in a matter of hours, and can be made available to the entire workforce or to selected groups of employees.

Robust security and authentication ensure that payments are only made to the employee’s bank account. Safeguards make it impossible for employees to access funds they haven’t earned.

Pay on Demand - zero impact on employers

Zero impact on employers

No interest or credit contracts. No annual fees. No impact on cashflow. Affinity advances money direct to employees from our own bank account. Repayment is made as an automatic deduction from the employee’s next pay, reducing their net pay and crediting Affinity.

The future is pay on demand

A major study by EY in 2020 found that companies who offer pay on demand increase employee wellbeing and reduce turnover.


Employees who experience financial stress at least once a year.


Employee turnover attributable to financial stress.


Employees who report major impacts on wellbeing due to finances.

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