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Affinity has operated in both Australia and New Zealand for many years, and our customer base spans the Tasman quite equally. We’ve built a solution that handles the different requirements of each market comfortably and can handle businesses that operate across both regions – we can even do it on a single database. There are different payroll challenges – New Zealand’s Holidays Act pushes complexity into annual leave calculations, whereas in Australia it’s modern awards, custom EBAs and long service leave rules that can drive complexity, especially given that the different states often handle things differently. We handle all of that for our customers, and have local compliance experts in those markets to ensure that we deliver best-practice.

Having the payroll experts actually in the countries that we operate in really lets you live and breathe and fully understand the complexities. I’ve had experience with bigger multi-national companies that come and try to operate in Australia and New Zealand but their presence is much more EMEA or North America and they just don’t always get the local complexity that is Australian and New Zealand payroll.



For over thirty years, Affinity has been a trusted partner for mid-market and enterprise businesses in Australia and New Zealand, empowering them to transform their payroll operations. With a focus on turning payroll from a cost into an asset, we have established ourselves as industry leaders in delivering innovative cloud-based payroll software and exceptional payroll services.