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We evaluate every data change. Changes to data can come from third party systems, self-service, or administrators adding a new pay element. It doesn’t matter where the change comes from, in real-time every change in the system is then sent into an event stream where a series of services evaluate that change to run checks for compliance, assess accuracy or identify things that should be noted. For example, was this new pay element added to super? If it wasn’t, keep an eye on it to see if it’s a regular earning or not.

Then at a data level can see what people are putting into the system and can very quickly decide on requirements for compliance. There’s some configuration around that and monitoring variations for different customers.

Real-time and events combine to have the payroll checking occur 24/7, as the system is being used. This eliminates the human effort and replaces it with 100% accuracy but also provides a platform for powerful insights to assist users to make the right decisions and at the right time.  



For over thirty years, Affinity has been a trusted partner for mid-market and enterprise businesses in Australia and New Zealand, empowering them to transform their payroll operations. With a focus on turning payroll from a cost into an asset, we have established ourselves as industry leaders in delivering innovative cloud-based payroll software and exceptional payroll services.